Regional Overview

Backed by mountains, blessed with sunny weather, the Boise Valley is earning national acclaim like no other mid-sized city in America.  Our incredible quality of life has attracted a thriving mix of high tech, agribusiness and manufacturing businesses along with a young, educated workforce to serve them.


Our quality of life will blow you away.  The average commute is 18 minutes. The schools are good.  The streets are safe. Cultural institutions like the Treefort Music Festival and Idaho Shakespeare Festival draw huge crowds.  And outdoor recreation is everywhere:  at certain times of year you can literally ski, play golf and go fishing all in the same day.

It’s bigger than you think.  With 690,000+ residents and a 3.4% annual in-migration rate, the Boise Valley has a large and growing population, but thankfully still retains a friendly, small-town feel. 

We’re an educated bunch.  A full 40% of our workforce has earned college degrees.  This area is also home to more than 14 institutions of higher education with a cumulative enrollment of 50,000.  Together we receive more patents per capita than any city in America. 

Our workforce is young, talented and growing.  With stalwarts like HP, Micron, Simplot, Albertsons, the Boise Valley has an infrastructure of talent and expertise from a legacy of large corporate headquarters.  Collectively our workforce is three years younger than the national average.

You can actually afford to live here.  Our total cost of living is only 92% of the national average.  Housing is even more reasonable (only 80% of national average).  As much as we love Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area (all just a short nonstop flight away), it makes a lot more sense to live here.

Put simply, the Boise Valley is a great place to live and work.  Ithas everything you need to build a business, a career or a family—without the big commute, the huge house payment and punishing taxes.  But don’t just take our word for it.

We invite you to come visit the Boise Metro for yourself. Click here for a regional overview. We think you'll see the same thing visionaries like J.R. Simplot and Harry Morrison recognized long ago: Big ideas grow here.

Bill Whitacre, President and CEO, J.R. Simplot Company
In so many other places, you feel like there’s literally a wet blanket thrown over potential opportunities; you don’t get that feeling in Idaho and particularly in the Boise Valley. Government leaders at all levels are here to assist, not hinder, the growth of business and jobs.  You're wanted here.” Read on.>>

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