New Idaho Techjobs Website Needs Employers' Support


By Clark Krause — Special to Business Insider, Idaho Statesman 
Talent attraction is a critical part of economic development, and it’s of the highest priority in Idaho because of our shortage of software professionals. Although many are working hard in our state to increase the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates, we cannot wait for longer-term solutions. We must act decisively to fill the urgent need for qualified workers.

To attract tech professionals to our state, we need to demonstrate the abundance of opportunities available. That’s why the Idaho TechJobs website,, is a promising new resource. It will help showcase the depth and breadth of our technology community.

We convened a series of entrepreneurial roundtables a year ago to understand the needs of our job creators, and this issue zoomed to the top of the priority list. Even though there are an abundance of tech-career opportunities in Idaho, we lacked a central portal to aggregate job postings and showcase opportunities available to tech professionals outside our state. Many professionals outside Idaho are unaware of the level of activity that takes place in our state’s technology community.

Understanding the need to showcase the excellent tech-career opportunities in Idaho was the catalyst that led to the creation of the Idaho TechJobs website, an ambitious project made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Boise Valley Economic Partnership, the Idaho Department of Labor and members of the Idaho Technology Council. Because the website was created specifically for technology positions, it has features that make it valuable for both job seekers and companies that are hiring.

The Idaho TechJobs website provides a user-friendly way to search for jobs by region and by technology keywords. The site also links to useful resources, such as reports on tech jobs in Idaho, resources for job seekers, and other relevant information. The Idaho Department of Labor ensures that the jobs posted are legitimate career opportunities by filtering spam postings and false job leads that damage the confidence of job seekers. Companies that post jobs also can access the Department of Labor’s services, free of charge, including prescreening job applicants, connecting with job seekers through grass-roots marketing and labor groups, and looking for candidates registered under the state’s comprehensive system.

To optimize the success of Idaho TechJobs, we need your help and the support of the community. That’s why we’re asking for two simple things you can do to support Idaho’s tech sector:

1. Commit your company’s senior leadership and HR specialists to posting open jobs on the Idaho TechJobs website at

2. Promote Idaho TechJobs on your company’s website through copying a link that places a badge linking back to the Idaho TechJobs portal.

To maintain an active portal that represents the full breadth of technology jobs in Idaho, we need your commitment to populate the site with open job opportunities. In conjunction with Idaho TechJobs, BVEP is collaborating with members of the private sector to create a marketing portal that will allow the community to share our story with people outside our state. Creating a new level of awareness and interest about career opportunities through Idaho TechJobs will create a solid foundation for the future growth of Idaho businesses.

Clark Krause, Executive Director of Boise Valley Economic Partnership., 472-5230

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