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Saint Alphonsus – Rodney Reider, CEO & President

Reider, Rodney.jpeg“I wanted the opportunity to make an impact”

Rodney Reider’s interest in healthcare started at a young age.  “I grew up in Southern California as one of five boys.  We were all very active, which resulted in a lot of visits to the ER.  I became very familiar with hospital care as a result.”  

From personally experiencing emergency rooms to overseeing responses to accidents, Rodney made it his mission to make an impact.  As Rodney explains, “I really wanted to help people, but I liked the business side.” Earning a Masters in Physiology, he had the opportunity to do work in Australia and Austria before really getting settled in the United States.

Prior to running Saint Alphonsus Health System, where he has served for nearly five years, Rodney was working in Milwaukee.  He moved to Boise for the opportunity to work with some of the region’s talented executives and to be a part of the faith-based health system.   “Boise is a great place.  People are enthusiastic.  I was doing rounds earlier, and going to the floors and clinics is energizing because people are doing such great work and love what they are doing.”

As proof, Rodney points out that one of his trauma surgeons donated a significant amount of his own money to open a brand new Cardiovascular Operating Room (CVOR).  Now this CVOR is one of the most advanced in the country.  He said, “when people believe in what they are doing, they are willing to give their time and money to it.”

Saint Alphonsus is also about giving back to the community.  “It is a standard expectation of my leadership team to be involved in the community.”  He said, “It is part of our responsibility as a community asset to be involved.”

The first thing Rodney wants people to associate with Saint Alphonsus is “high quality care”.  He explains that Saint Alphonsus, “cares about you physically, spiritually, and the reason for that is we are a faith-based hospital system.  The heritage of this hospital is important.  We have a Mission at Saint Alphonsus and follow five guiding behaviors: Respect. Social Justice. Compassion. Care of the Poor and Underserved. Excellence.”

On Workforce:
“Boise, and Idaho overall, provides incredible lifestyle incentives for recruiting.  There is incredible talent here that is equitable to an L.A. or other larger metropolitan area.”

Rodney says that the talent is exceptional in the Boise Metro area.  "There are a lot of doctors working here who graduated from schools like Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, etc."  One Boise foot and ankle specialist works directly with the NFL, and has the capability to do remote access appointments through the hospital’s telemedicine program.

Relating to his doctors and other providers he says, “I am impressed by the level of talent and the dedication that people show for continually improving.  They are really adamant about advancing themselves and what they can provide in care.“

Rodney notes that it is remarkable the type of talent that resides in the Boise Valley between the two largest health systems, noting that Saint Alphonsus and St. Luke’s partner together on a number of projects relating to children and trauma cases.

Saint Alphonsus also partners with the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation, launching an initiative to enhance health education and fitness within Southern Idaho Schools.  Health Teacher is provided to educators as a free health education resource.  GoNoodle was also introduced as part of a Let’s Move campaign.  GoNoodle is a series of interactive brain break activities meant to increase student movement opportunities throughout the day.  

“This is a great industry with great opportunities.  It is an unparalleled time to be involved in healthcare and I feel very fortunate to take part in it.  We can shape what the future’s going to look like in caring for people in our communities.  There are a lot of advances in technology, and now you can monitor a patient from their own home.”

Boise Valley:
“There are great people here to help you get integrated.  There is great talent, great healthcare, and it is safe.  My daughter walked to Wal-Mart to get a Subway sandwich; I would never let her do that alone in other cities where we have lived.”

“I’m impressed with the level of education and support here.  There is an awesome partnership that you can have with the incredibly talented people in this city.  Part of that comes from being smaller, but part of that is the desire by the leaders to be engaged in making the Treasure Valley even better.  I can meet with Mark Durcan (CEO of Micron), or Dr. Kustra (President of Boise State University), or Dr. Tim Dunnagan, (Dean of the College of Health Sciences at BSU) to talk about what we need to continue advancing or where we need to influence curriculum.”  Rodney said, “People can make change happen here.”

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