Regional Overview

Regional Overview

Vibrant and eclectic. Approachable and comfortable. Descriptors that may seem at odds are brought to life in a diversity of ways across the communities that make up the Boise Metro. Every person defines and prioritizes quality of life differently - family, education, outdoors, culture, that elusive ‘balance’. The Boise Metro hits every mark in its own unique way. Once a flyover state, the Boise Metro has grown to be a breath of fresh, Pacific Northwest air. The region is nestled in the southwestern corner of Idaho, surrounded by stunning foothills and pristine mountains with rushing river flowing right down the middle. We’re close to the west coast and even closer to the mountains.

Our quality of life will blow you away.

The average commute is 22 minutes. The schools are good. The streets are safe. Cultural celebrations like the Treefort Music Festival and Idaho Shakespeare Festival bring people together. Outdoor recreation is everywhere - at certain times of year you can literally ski, play golf, and go fishing all in the same day.

It’s bigger than you think.

With over 800,000 residents and the second-fastest growing population in the U.S.*, the Boise Metro is large and growing, but thankfully still retains a friendly, small-town feel.

We’re educated.

More than 14 institutions of higher education, with a cumulative enrollment of 50,000, call the Boise Metro home. 67 percent of our population (age 25 - 64) has at least some college or above. This is above the average of 63% nationally. 31 percent of our population between 25-64 years old hold at least an associates degree.

Our workforce is young, talented and growing.

With stalwarts like HP, Micron, Simplot, Albertsons, the Boise Metro has an infrastructure of talent and expertise from a legacy of large corporate headquarters. Collectively, our workforce is three years younger than the national average.

You can actually afford to live here.

Our total cost of living is 97.5 percent of the national average. As much as we love Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area (all just a short nonstop flight away), it makes a lot more sense to live here.

Put simply, the Boise Metro is a great place to live and work.

It has everything you need to build a business, a career and a family—without the long commute, the huge house payment and punishing taxes. But don’t just take our word for it – come experience it for yourself.

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