To those outside of the Boise Metro and Idaho, diversity may not be the first thing that comes to mind when describing the area.

We like to challenge your assumptions. Consider this:

  • More than 90 different languages are spoken in the Boise School District
  • The Boise Metro is home to one of the oldest synagogues in the western United States
  • 800 new citizens are welcomed to the Boise Valley each year from over 20 foreign countries who are seeking refuge from the circumstances in their homeland
  • Idaho is home to the second largest Basque population in North America

The Boise Metro maintains a wealth of cultural, spiritual and ethnic diversity throughout the area, and is proud to actively promote and foster a spirit of inclusion that embraces that diversity found in the valley. From cultural events such as the Soul Food Extravaganza to the San Inazio Festival or Deli Days, to ongoing activities and programs at the Black History Museum and the Hispanic Cultural Center, the Boise Metro embraces and celebrates our residents' diversity year-round.