Incentives & Taxes

In addition to our great quality of life and low cost of doing business, the State of Idaho, local counties and cities within the Boise Metro can offer a variety of incentives and tax credits for qualified companies that are considering relocating or expanding in the Boise Valley. The Boise Valley Economic Partnership stands ready to help your business. We can create a custom package of information for your company with a personalized incentive review. Let us make it easy for you. Call Clark Krause today at (208) 863-9675 or email


Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI)

Companies creating new, high-wage jobs in Idaho can receive up to a 30% reimbursement on sales, payroll and corporate income taxes for up to 15 years. Companies must pay wages above the county average and create at least 50 new jobs in an urban area or 20 new jobs in a rural area.

Idaho Business Advantage

The Idaho Business Advantage incentive package offers an array of tax credits, sales-tax rebates, and property tax exemptions. To be eligible, businesses must invest $500,000 or more in new facilities and create 10 or more new jobs with salaries averaging $40,000 a year with benefits.

Workforce Development Training Fund

We value collective growth. Companies that invest in training a talented team in Idaho are eligible to receive funds to develop their employees.

Idaho Opportunity Fund

The Idaho Opportunity Fund awards capital to communities seeking improvements to public infrastructure with the goal of attracting or retaining businesses. This fund is managed by the Director of Idaho Commerce.

3% Investment Tax Credit

Another tool to get the job done. Companies that invest in depreciable, tangible, personal property used in Idaho can earn a 3% income tax credit to offset up to 50% of tax liability and can carry the credit forward up to 14 years.

Idaho Power New Construction and Major Renovations Program

Idaho Power offers a handful of incentives and resources to support businesses conducting new construction, major renovations, retrofits, custom projects, industrial training and more. See how your business can save energy and money.

Idaho Semiconductors For America Act

The bill exempts construction and building materials used to construct, expand or modernize a semiconductor facility in Idaho from the sales tax, for qualifying projects that submit requests in advance and sign agreements with the Idaho Department of Commerce.

Data Center Sales Tax Exemption

New data centers choosing to locate in Idaho will be eligible for sales tax exemption on server equipment as well as construction materials used in the construction of the data center facility.


While people and place were key elements in Paylocity’s decision, another important factor in Boise’s favor were state incentives like a Workforce Development Training Fund, a reimbursement program to help cover the costs of training and onboarding initiatives, and a Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) of 28 percent for 15 years.

Why Paylocity Chose the Boise Metro

Paylocity's Story

For companies looking to expand west, Julian encourages the trip to Southwest Idaho. “Having explored many different places, the Boise Metro is a place that provides a wealth of opportunities,” he said. “There are strong synergies within the Boise Metro and Canyon County that give people like us the opportunity to be successful.”

Why the Boise Metro?

Heartland RV's Story

Headquartered in Boise, today the J.R. Simplot Company is a vertically integrated, global agribusiness powerhouse and one of the largest privately held companies in America, employing more than 10,000 people worldwide. Nearly a third of those employees reside in the Boise Valley.

Bill Whitacre

CEO, retired, J.R. Simplot Company