Why Paylocity Chose the Boise Metro

Before his plane touched down in Boise, Paylocity’s Senior Vice President of Operations Mark Kinsey was captivated by the view of the city nestled below beaming foothills. Pleasant surprises rolled in with friendly interactions, effortless transportation through the city and a distinct vibrancy in the downtown core.

For companies in the midst of a major growth surge, the next phase of progress often includes expansion into new markets. In March of 2015, Paylocity, a Chicago-based payroll and employee management software solutions company, was faced with making this very decision. With 100 cities across the nation on their radar, company leadership began to search for the perfect location to extend their roots. The ideal setting required access to a certain mix of talent, room for growth and a place that had a natural balance of energy and culture that aligned with the company.

The company worked with CBRE’s site location and strategy team to evaluate their options. Having visited Boise before, Eric Stavriotis, Senior Vice President of Advisory and Transaction Services at CBRE, knew that Boise had many of the elements Paylocity was looking for. “Boise’s workforce and business-friendly environment are a great fit for Paylocity,” he explained. “The level of engagement from the business community and the economic development community makes Boise a special place.”

Culture that matched the heart of Paylocity was amongst the necessities during site selection – and Boise fit the bill. “It’s important to be in communities where employees have a good quality of life and can enjoy life outside of work,” said Kinsey. “Boise is a comfortable place to be. It’s the kind of place where you can see a good community – where people enjoy their lives, but also the place where you can have a good business.”

Boise’s ‘two degrees of access’ became an influential surprise in the company’s decision. “We met with a lot of business and community leaders during our trip,” Kinsey reflected. “I was surprised at how close those networks were. You could tell that they work together to make each other successful.”

During Paylocity’s site visits, the Boise Valley Economic Partnership welcomed executives of the company with two videos created to showcase the breadth of talent in the region. In addition, the site selection team met with human resource managers from several local companies and three of Boise State University’s deans to further discuss the essential skillsets Paylocity was looking for and the programs and people in Boise that fulfill those needs.

Partners in the education realm, like Boise State University and College of Western Idaho, have added unmatched value to Paylocity’s success in Boise. Kinsey found higher education entities in the Boise Metro to be “very flexible in programming and willing to work with businesses to help develop quality employees for quality jobs.”

With hundreds of jobs on the horizon, a quality workforce was critical. “Recruiting has been an extraordinary experience,” said Kinsey. “We were looking for people with good technology and service mentality, both of which have proven true.” Kinsey reported that scores from training tests at the Boise office have been phenomenal.

On November 5, 2016, Paylocity celebrated its first year since making the decision to move to Boise. The company is now up to 100 employees in their Boise office – 80 local recruits and 19 individuals that relocated from other Paylocity sites. According to Kinsey, employees in other markets “see what we’re doing in Boise and want to be a part of it. It’s their opportunity to get back towards the West Coast and continue working with Paylocity.”

While people and place were key elements in Paylocity’s decision, another important factor in Boise’s favor were state incentives like a Workforce Development Training Fund, a reimbursement program to help cover the costs of training and onboarding initiatives, and a Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) of 28 percent for 15 years. TRI is an incentive available to new or existing Idaho companies that create 50 or more high-wage jobs in Idaho. Companies have the ability to receive a reimbursement on their payroll, sales and corporate income taxes up to 30 percent for a maximum of 15 years. TRI is awarded to companies that prove their stability and significant economic impact to the industry, community and state.

In terms of opportunity, Kinsey would tell others considering the Boise Metro, “It has been a great experience that helped our business. There is opportunity to access a pool of talent and a great community to do business in.”

In the eyes of a Paylocity employee who made the move to Boise, “I traded in my skyscrapers for mountains – and I’m loving it.”