Each community in the Boise Metro has a flavor and personality of its own, yet the connectivity of the region allows you to live in one and work and play in another without sacrificing family time for commute time. We call it the 5-mile lifestyle. From urban living in a vibrant downtown to homes nestled in a cozy community surrounded by open farmland, there are many ways to live in the Boise Metro.


As the third largest city in the Pacific Northwest and the largest city in the region, Boise is our core of culture. It is the capital city of Idaho and the hub of commerce, innovation, government and industry for the state. With a river literally running through it, this dynamic and growing city showcases how connectivity to commerce coexists with vibrant cultural experiences and easy access to recreation and surrounding cities and states.


Home to Boise State University, known for its academic and athletic excellence, it supports a highly educated and experienced workforce. The unique and largely local shopping and dining options, coupled with superb recreational opportunities and an affordable housing market, create a place where people come to explore and stay to thrive. Visit